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  • Server Rules

    How do I experience Woi Mortal fully?

    And how do I play by the rules...

    Acquiring zen – How can I do it, and what shouldn’t I do?

    WOI Mortal, as many previous private servers of woi, offers free zen to our players. We give the zen every hour you are online. 3500 zen every hour to be exact.
    Taking into consideration that everyone has different possibilities and computer strengths, we’ve set a hard limit to the amount of accounts you can have online at a maximum of TWO (2). This is to balance so that the majority of our players have the same chance of acquiring the free zen, but also making sure that the games progression rate is reasonable and not too fast.

    - We don’t want another dying woi server due to everyone being maxed and having nothing to do.

    If you have more accounts than the allowed limit, you risk being banned – and it’s all for nothing. More than the allowed account limit will result in no zen at all for you.

    Note: If you, are a couple a family or other real life friends playing from the same house and therefor share IP, you need to contact a GM to become a verified multi-user household to acquire the free zen.

    Account and Character management – How we see it

    If you have read the information on acquiring zen (which I seriously hope you did), you’ll have gathered that you’re limited to having 2 accounts online. This means that you shouldn’t need to create more than 2 either. We won’t automatically punish you for owning more than 2 accounts,
    but sometimes we clean up our account database of people we assume are abusers - so for your own safety, we would suggest not creating more than 3 accounts at least.

    When it comes to how you use your accounts, you’re rather free. If you chose to have 5 characters on each of those accounts and play equally on all of the characters, you can do so. If you want to build a legion all by yourself with 10 characters, do it. I still suggest making friends, but each to their own I guess.

    Just remember! You can only leave Atlantis* with ONE character at the time! This is why we often refer to your secondary account as “alt account” or “alt character”.

    *Atlantis, City Hall or Foraging Grounds are allowed for your resting character. (NOT LEGION DOMAIN!)

    Clarification: Farming with your alt while you’re boss hunting or doing events, is NOT allowed.
    Vending with your alt while you’re boss hunting or doing events, IS allowed.
    Boss hunting on two accounts simultaneously? Oh dear… you’re in trouble.

    Being a Mortal Royal – fair, honest and friendly play

    WoI Mortal offers a safe place where players can interact with each other. While competition and cooperation are encouraged, ABUSE IS NOT TOLERATED and crossing the line is NEVER acceptable. We believe that the game is more enjoyable for everyone involved if we act with a certain amount of maturity.
    General Rules:

    Very Important: About Donations, you and the Staff:

    Being a donator comes with a few in game perks, however, that doesn't mean you are above the rules. While we thank you for your patronage, you are subjected to the same guidelines the other members of the community are held onto. If you are caught breaking any of the rules stated below, you will get penalized like any other user of WoI Mortal. Using your donator status to avoid getting penalized (i.e. telling a GM you are going to charge back for getting sent into confinement) will extend your punishment for an undetermined amount of time.
    1. If you see someone breaking the rules REPORT THEM! Don't repeat whatever it is you see them doing. Just because you see someone breaking the rules and they aren't banned yet, doesn't mean it hasn't been reported or that it's allowed. Chances are GM's are waiting to catch the infringers "Red handed", if in the process your character is caught doing the same, using the "I saw other players doing it" defense won't help your case. (in fact, it might just send you farther into the ban lands)
    1. When participating in any kind of in game communication, you are responsible for how you express yourself. While we allow the banter that comes with the competitive aspect of the game, we won't tolerate
    • Hate speech
    • Discriminatory or Disruptive Language
    • Threats
    • Harassment
    • Sexist or Racist comments
    • Cyber Bullying
    • Long arguments that require the presence of a GM to quell

    Users that abuse of their in-game communication privileges will get restricted on their use of the different chat channels. Repeated violations will result in greater restrictions
    1. Linking and sharing inappropriate content which include, but it's not limited to:
    • Pornography
    • Racism
    • Sexism
    • Other games or servers
    • Personal Information

    In any of the channels used for communication is forbidden. We want to see a WOI server without personal attacks, without judgements based on history, and most of all - without public arguments.

    P.S.: This doesn't mean we forbid every bit of banter. WoI is a PVP oriented Game and banter is good to keep the fire going. Camping a player's dead body, kill them every time you see them in a PVP zone, call your entire alliance on them, we don't care! But for the love of god, keep it out of chat. Nobody cares about your personal issues with people

    P.S.2: Due to us being an English-speaking server with English speaking staff, we ask that you keep all public chats to English
    1. Any names the player can customize (Whether it's their own character, pets, guilds or other) must be appropriate and inoffensive. Any names that violate our standard or disrupt our community will be forcibly changed and additional limitations may be placed on the offending account per staff discretion

    (Acceptable named are determined by player reports and the decisions of Mortal's Staff)
    1. Cheating in any fashion will result in immediate action. We don't only mean the use of third-party programs to automate any part of the game (other than those included in the program and allowed by the staff, admins and owner) but we also include:
    • Abusing glitches caused by faulty coding from the original game or caused by us
    • Everything that gives you an advantage that other players may not be able to gain (An example of this include but are not limited to: making an alt guild to bid on ORQ, TW or similar events, running alt's through end game content to gear up your main, etc.)

    If you want to make us happy, you can use the #bugreports chat on our discord server, or of course submit a support ticket, to report any bugs/glitches you find. The more detailed your report is, the higher chance there is that we'll be able to fix it as swiftly as possible.
    1. Taking advantage of other players is an equally serious offense. Scamming, GM tooling, (i.e. my friend is a gm and he'll get you banned!), Impersonating a GM and/or anything that degrades the gaming experience for other players will have harsh penalties
    1. Account Sharing: while we don't look down on account sharing, we believe you are the sole responsible for how your main and alt accounts are represented

    If your main or alt account are caught breaking the rules while someone else is on them, the same penalties will apply. Using your alt or main for win trading, gaining an unfair advantage, blocking players from doing events, griefing, throwing feeding is unacceptable. We expect players to treat each other with respect and to promote and enjoyable environment. Any items/pets/gear that are lost while someone is using your account are YOUR responsibility and we won't refund them/return them if they are lost
    1. Alt's and Mains: You can have at most two accounts online at any time. Any more than that and your hourly Zen gain will be halted. While we cannot punish you for having more than 2 accounts, every so often we clear the database from abusers, so we suggest creating a maximum of three accounts

    Since you can only have two accounts online, that means you can only have two characters online at any given time. Out of those two only one can venture outside of Atlantis and do events. We'll call this character your main. Your other account will be your vending or alt account and it's only allowed to stay inside of Atlantis, Foraging grounds or city hall

    You cannot use your main and alt to go farming, boss hunting or do events. You can however use your main to do all the above while your alt stays safely in Atlantis or farms materials for you in the Foraging grounds

    *These guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of the GM's/Server admin
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    Trading, lending and selling property inside and outside WOI Mortal

    Trading in-game items
    If you are trading/selling an item or pet in-game for coin or zen, you can of course do so.

    Just keep in mind that zen to item trades will always have an element of trust in them,
    since you can’t be sure that the other party will own up to their end of the deal.

    If you feel unsure, don’t hesitate to contact a GM to act as a middle man.

    Scamming a GM would just be plain stupid, don’t you agree?

    Can I share or give away my stuff?
    When it comes to sharing your account details or lending someone your pets or similar, we can’t forbid you. But we will warn you.
    If you share your details or items with anyone, you basically give them the right to do whatever they want with the account/items.
    If they destroy or delete anything, that’s on you.

    What about real life cash transactions?
    Real life money should only be used as server donations. Either when buying zen or VIP Noble.

    You can’t sell your account or rare items/pets/whatever you may have that is of value to other players.
    This due to the simple fact that nothing you’re selling belongs to you.
    All that is on your account and characters is property of WOI Mortal.

    You don’t sell an apartment that you’re renting to someone, since it isn’t yours to sell.
    In the same way, you can’t sell your account or items on WOI Mortal. They aren’t yours to sell.
    Quick Summary of the Rules and Guidelines
    • Don’t try to abuse the free hourly zen, it’ll get you absolutely nothing good, and might even get you banned.
    • You can create maximum 3 accounts, but only have 2 accounts online at any point.
      One character needs to be in either Atlantis, City Hall or Foraging grounds at all times.
    • If something feels wrong, it’s most likely wrong so, don’t do it – or at least ask before doing it.
    • Cheats, hacks, glitches and bugs = bad. Report them! Don’t abuse them!
    • Don’t post anything stupid in warcries or world chat.
      Whatever UN-stupid stuff you post, needs to be in English.
    • Keep your personal issues to yourself. Don’t flame in warcry, nobody is interested in reading it.
      On the other hand, don’t Q.Q about every little banter there is. Some of it is part of the game!
    • Be careful when you’re trading zen vs items, since it’s easy to become scammed.
      Ask a GM to be a middle-man to be safe. Better safe than sorry!
    • Real money sales and purchases aren’t allowed. You don’t own your account, we do.
    • Pleeeeease, don’t share your account details and don’t lend players your stuff.
      You’ll most likely end up getting screwed over, and there’ll be nothing we can do about it.
    What are GMS, what do they do and how do I treat them?

    Ok look. WOI Mortal GMs are basically regular players, with a few extra assignments.

    They’re not gaining anything from being a GM, other than a heavy work load.
    They’re slaving for you guys to get what you want and need, and think that you deserve.

    They make events for you, they answer your questions and they help you with issues.
    They report things to us constantly, and this without asking for anything in return.

    Regular GMs can’t spawn anything at all, so accusing anyone of abusing GM powers is just plain stupid.
    The Head GM can spawn items, but we check the command logs on a daily basis for ANY misuse of power.
    So far, we haven’t found anything wrongs done, but believe me, if we see anything – bitch will be removed and banned on GM character as well as any other account they may own.

    We set very high standards and we expect a lot of our GMs, and if they don’t live up to those expectations, they are simply fired.
    This means that if you see a GM, you should treat them with respect – and you should view them as authority.
    They are after all working their pretty little asses off for your sake, and gaining nothing for it.

    When you see a police officer or a kindergarten teacher, you don’t automatically argue with them just because they are a police officer or a kindergarten teacher. You respect them.

    That’s the way I would prefer if you could look at my GMs, because in all honesty – their job is BOTH of those.
    They are also a janitor, a politician, a friend, a union rep… many, many un-attractive jobs.
    So I mean, just stop giving them uncalled for shit. They deserve better.

    If you however really think a GM is doing something wrong, come to Anubis with a serious report, and we will of course investigate.
    If a GM is doing something wrong, that reflects on the entire server. And as the server is our baby, we care deeply about how it’s being tended to.
    Bad GMs won’t do anyone of us anything good, so we won’t keep a truly bad GM around.

    *These guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of the GM's/Server admin