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    Hello everyone, this guide is for players who are new to this server. Before going into any details I want to encourage you to join us on discord for answers
    to any questions and familiarize themselves with the server rules. . I will only cover things that are not discussed through the in game helper but I will reference when you need to check it out. Use the “H” hot key to find the Growth Aid Helper and select the WOI Strategy tab.

    You are allowed to have 2 characters online to collect hourly zen. 3500 for each character again read the server rules on policy with accounts very important.

    Leveling up to 150.
    The first most important thing to do is to level up. The server max level is 150 and this is easily reachable within a week but requires the assistance of higher geared players to do.

    I recommend doing scenario quests until you reach level 45. The main reason for this is because this is the only way to unlock your lv 20 XP skill and you will need to be level 45 to go through the 1st instance.

    Are you lv 45 now? Great you're doing well so far. This is when you will start leveling up fast and you no longer need to do scenario quests. You can always come back to them for the feat of heroism trials but that is something we will discuss later.

    Find an able body player in game or on discord to assist you with instance runs, so you are able to level up faster. Higher level players will receive a special ingame currency called “alms” which provides them with incentive to help out. Completing the daily alms instances will be enough to take you to 110. At level 85, running though Lava Heights will grant you instant 110 when you finish the event and leave through the portal.

    When you reach lv 111, try to find a player to help you farm in Atlantis Reborn or God Relic for exp. If you're unable to find one, you can try looking for a party in Devil Hart and farm up experience until lv 150.

    Gearing up


    Before you gear up purchase a purified devil fruit from marketplace to unlock demigod title and go to Asgard through téléporter (any on map in Atlantis) to talk to the npc Thor complete the scenario quests he has to unlock Olympian title.

    You need demigod title to unlock olympian title and needed olympian title to equip higher level gears. Gears

    Quick Upgrade fastest way to work on gears

    You will need deicide crystals for your top gears (helm,pauldrons and armor) and infernal proofs for bottom gears (gloves, belt, greaves, boots). Npcs to purchase them are located at (170,169) in Atlantis.

    Deicide crystals are from certain bosses, infernal proofs from baal souls. (To upgrade to the next level, you will need to combine Divine proof and infernal core)
    + = + =
    + = to at npc
    + = +=
    + = For Weapon
    Upgrade gear function in Quick Upgrade to upgrade your gears to next levels

    Reforge gear function in Quick Upgrade to reforge your gears stats

    What is used to reforge blue stats on gears. Deconstruct - Smelt option in bag.
    Combat Mastery

    Can be purchased from these packs. One time for each is fastest way.

    Starwords & Stardusts

    What you will need next is starwords for your gears. Can be purchased from players or provided for free if they are willing. Woi Strategy covers how to work with starwords and stardusts.

    Awaken and insignia

    Used on gears for improve. I suggest saving for final gears.

    Chalice / Soul Jade

    Purchase from players. 3 SoulJades of current level = 1 of next level. Use Refine SoulJade option in Quick Upgrade

    Fortify gears, get packs and fort charms and some coins from players. Woi Strategy covers.

    Gems from boss hunts, sign in rewards gives. Can buy from players for zen or coin. Prometheus Golden Treasure in market place to obtain silver and roan roans, used to purchase lvl 4 gem. Joining an active guild for boss hunts will also speed up the process.

    Oracle fashion and backgear and Bloodline

    Purchase from players

    Woi Strategy covers. Kill Bosses that drop Basic and Simple keystone relics for more keystones.


    Woi Strategy covers.


    Recommended fusion pets from worst to best is:

    Thor - Apollo - Athena - Diana - Rui - Hoder - Balder - Frigg or Aetheria


    Server appreciates donors and it is very beneficial to improving quickly although not absolutely necessary.
    • 5 Credits for 5 Euros.
      • 5 Credits will get you 150,000 zen. 300,000 zen if double donations on going.
      • 5 Credits for Gender Change (Males cannot swap to enchantress class) and 10 Credits for name change.
    • Silver Membership
      • 20 Credits for a month. Will get 280,000 zen each month during membership. Mortal Hearts, Mortal soul and VIP tickets for VIP Colosseum.
    • Gold Membership
      • ​​​​​​​40 Credits for a month. Will get 600,000 Credits each month during Membership. Mortal Hearts, Mortal soul and VIP tickets for VIP Colosseum.
    Mortal Hearts are used to purchase different fashion, backgear and pets that are only obtained from Mortal Shop.
    Mortal Souls are used to buy legion domain boss souls that drop lv 6 gem chests, fashion gem chests lv 3 and the latest gear items.
    VIP tickets are for entering the VIP Colosseum and receiving multiple lv 3 fashion gems upon completion.
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